Carson Optical for use in soldering and small item viewing

May 26, 2019

carson optical logo

As with any electronic soldering and or viewing of small electronics I have increasingly been enamored with bright lighting and magnification. It makes your soldering 100% better when you can actually see what you are doing. To have a Carson magnification at your work bench is something that every maker and RC drone pilot should have. It actually makes it enjoyable when you have the best set of optics in your shop! 

I am delighted to announce that we now carry Carson Optics in our store.

Carson’s commitment to excellence is the foundation of the company. As the number one manufacturer of US magnifiers and one of the leading suppliers of magnification products, Carson’s entire product line consistently boasts first-rate quality at affordable price points.

Publications such as, Outside Magazine, Popular Mechanics, Field & Stream and Wired Magazine have praised a number of Carson’s optical devices, granting the company top honors for ground-breaking innovation in the industry.


If you want to know more about this great company then visit there link  and check out the products that we carry