Electric scooter safety and why purchasing a stand up scooter is a better option

November 14, 2019

Electric scooter safety and why purchasing a  stand up scooter is a better option

Purchasing a scooter prevents getting a broken scooter

Electric standup scooter  are environmentally conscious; renting one is good but purchasing one is even better.

Why you ask?

Well it is difficult to find one and who knows if it has been mistreated by the previous renter, which may cause bolts being loose, brakes not working right, and a whole list of things to go wrong. Plus renting is causing sidewalk litter which is not earth friendly, or people friendly.

Gaterbx scooters and skateboards are tested safe. Here is a few things that can help you be even safer when riding scooters!

  1. Wear a helmet to prevent head injuries

      Helmets protect against a variety of head injuries and wearing one would prevent most scooter injuries, the CDC finds. You can fix your broken arm or wrist but not your brain. Researchers found that head injuries, like brain bleeds and concussions, make up close to half of all reported injuries. So you should always wear a helmet to protect yourself against head injuries. It is really easy to clip it to your backpack have it ready when you need it


      2. Do not ride tandem

      When UCLA researchers stationed themselves on a street corner on three separate occasions to watch scooter users, one of the issues they observed were tandem riders, including parent-child pairs. This is very dangerous and scooters are not meant to have two riders. The weight alone will cause the scooter to fail.  

           3. Prevent Reckless driving

        Keep your hands on the handlebars and off the phone while riding. Always follow traffic rules because the CDC says that, 10% of injured riders collided with a car, another 10% hit a curb, and 7% ran into an inanimate object, like a light pole 

             3. Do not ride a scooter while intoxicated

        Both CDC and UCLA researchers found that drinking may have played a role in the injuries suffered by scooter users. In the CDC study, one-third of respondents acknowledged that they drank alcohol in the 12 hours prior to getting injured. So please do not scoot and drink. 

             4.Plan ahead

        Look ahead when riding and prepare for the worst. You can never tell when a car door is going to open or someone is going to step in front of you. Always drive at a safe speed and have your hand ready to break at all times.

             5.Novice riders.

        Scootering is fun and safe as long as they are used properly. Please find someone to help you learn the ins and outs of riding. This will benefit you in the long run.