Maintenance tips for your electric scooter

December 14, 2019

Maintenance tips for your electric scooter

Regular maintenance reduces the occurrence of major problems and makes your scooter more efficient. That way you can rely on your scooter to perform as it should and to get you going to wherever you want on time.

There is two types of plans

  • You familiarize yourself with the electric scooter
  • prevent fatal hazards
  • Keeps you safe
  • Reduces cost
  • You can do it by yourself
  • More enjoyable riding experience
No Prevention
  • Will disaster happen today, maybe
  • Higher cost
  • Puts you in danger
  • Professional help may be required
  • Poor riding experience
  • Not able to ride because waiting for parts and is not working.

Preventative maintenance is not hard, in fact it is easy, and fun. So lets start with  familiarize ourselves with the parts list of a scooter. 
  • Electric motor, Batteries, Throttles, Chargers, Fuses,  and switches are all items that keep the scooter rolling down the road
  • Handlebars, Brakes, Decks,Wheels,Kickstand, Fenders, seats, and shocks are the physical items that you see on the outside of the scooter
  • Front lights, back lights, Horns, and turn signals are safety items that protect you from outside forces. 

    Yup you are going to need some thing before we get to the all important steps 
  • Allen key (1.5-6)  
  • Regular wrench (10,13,15,17)
  • Adjustable wrench
  • Washing equipment
  • 1 small brush, 1 sponge, a platform, lubricant, cleaner,and some rags
  • Lubricant, WD-40
  • Tire levers
  • Multi-meters 
  • electric scooter maintenance steps

    Step 1 Washing

    First switch off the scooter and do outdoors. You should never us a hose or shower you scooter since there is electrical parts.

    In a bowl pour warm water, soap, and dip first cotton rag in it. You have to squeeze that rag as much as you can so that rag is almost dry. Get started from the parts that are not so dirty, like the handlebars.

    Parts you treat with a rag are mechanical parts like handlebars, brakes and throttle levers, forks, fenders, kickstand, lights.  Then you get clean water WITHOUT THE SOAP and wipe it again.

    Now, after you clean all that, make sure that you use the SECOND DRY rag and wipe away everything again to make sure that there are no watermarks.

    Now you are going to need a platform to Lubricating mechanical parts by spinning the wheel. Do not overdo the lubricant or wd-40 ,just keep it light

    Your electric scooter is still on that platform. Now, WITHOUT THE SOAP water from the FIRST PART, use the sponge for washing the wheels. You don’t need soap or some other kind of chemicals, water alone with the sponge will get the job done.


    Step 2 Tires

    What touches the ground most on a scooter, well the tires. That is until we wreck....OUCH!!!!

    Tire Pressure is the most important and should be around 36-37 for a light rider and 42-43 for a heavier one.If pressure is to low or to hi it can cause issues. To low of pressure will cause lower speeds, damage to the rim, higher rolling resistance, more battery use, and tire wear is not consistent. Hi Pressure on the other hand will cause tires to burst while riding, uncomfortable ride, cornering issues, and inconsistent tire wear. 

    Tire changing

    Step 3 Batteries

    Batteries are one of the most important parts of the scooter. Things that will effect your batteries are how you charge them, how you store them, riding style, rider weight, tire inflation, how much you ride, heat, and rain.. Life expectancy of a battery is around 1000 charges. To keep this high level of battery charges you need to not leave it in minus temperatures, when it says full unplug it,  and do NOT let the battery run out. 

    Step 4 Brakes

    If you cannot stop then you will wreck so pay attention to your drum brake shoes, caliper brake shoes, brake pads, and brake calipers. They must spin unobstructed, if not then you will need to adjust them.

    Step 5 Easy Things

    Grips are easy to remove if you have an air compressor and blow off the grips