March 08, 2019

RHO-Lens Fat shark vision sharpener

RHO-LensFPL v2


RHO-Lens is the first company in the world to offer prescription lenses for all Fatshark goggles!

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Fatshark comes with a diopter lens set of -2, -4 and -6 diopters, but what do you do if you have -5 or +8 diopters? Or if you have astigmatism? Fatshark does not provide a solution for this, but RHO-lens was the first and is still the best at providing a custom product to enhance your goggles. I ordered some and they are great!


  • Custom-made ophthalmic lenses from your doctor's prescription.
  • Expensive optical glass with highest optical imaging quality. Forget Fatshark's poor cheap plastic lenses.
  • Extremely thin to avoid problems with your eye lashes.
  • Super anti-reflection coatings.
  • The 3D-printed lens holder fits perfectly into your goggle. Easy insertion and removal.
  • Worldwide express shipping. 87% of all orders are shipped the next day.


The FPL v2 is fully compatible with this video goggles:

  • Fatshark Attitude, Dominator, Predator, Teleporter, Aviator RCV922, HDO
  • Skyzone Sky01, Sky02, Sky03
  • Aomway Commander (all versions)
  • Flysight Spexman Two (SPX02), Flysight Falcon FG01
  • Spektrum Focal v2

Sophisticated lens holder

They designed a 3D-printed lens holder to improve the matching accuracy. It easily slides into the goggle, holds in place even if you shake the goggle and easily can be removed. If you see prescription lenses with a facet cut, don’t try it. Due to the bulgy lens only some points of the facet touch the slot which causes difficult insertion and very difficult removal. Or the lens has to be very thick which causes that it touches your eyelashes.

The lens is hold in the lens holder by a snap mechanism. Our goal was to avoid any glue! So it looks clean and the lens can be easily replaced in case your prescription changes.

It’s printed in the Netherlands on an industrial Selective Laser Sintering printer to ensure minimal tolerances. Quality has it’s price, but you will not regret investing in quality.

They offer a money back guarantee if the lenses are not manufactured according to your input or do not fit into the lens slot. Please visit them at http://rho-lens.com/rho-lens-fpl-v2/