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Adero Smart Tag Kits


The Adero Smart Tag Deluxe Kit is an intelligent, Bluetooth enabled organizational system designed to help save time, reduce stress and simplify your busy life. A Smart Tag gives your bag the power to keep tabs on the items you need through Taglets that can stick to essentials like water bottles, chargers, headphones and more. The system comes together through an iOS or Android-enabled app that can build smart bags, track tagged things and create proactive reminders to keep everything together. Attach the Smart Tag 3 ways using either the provided key ring, lanyard or adhesive case. Taglets attach to hard surfaces through peel and stick adhesive. Avoid the daily scramble for keys, notebooks, chargers, FPV gear, Camera equipment and more by simply telling the Adero intelligent organization system what you need and when you need it!

  • Provides ability to make any bag a smart bag
  • Each Smart Tag gives user's bag the power to keep tabs on the items wanted and needed inside it
  • Taglets are placed on each item designed to go inside a Smart Tag bag or container
  • A press of the Smart Tag yields either a green light that means everything needed is inside or a red light that means something is missing
  • App keeps track of all Smart Tags and Taglets, plus has ability to create proactive reminders and more
  • Taglets and Smart Tag adhesive cases use high strength acrylic adhesive to stay in place
  • Splash safe—Smart Tags and Taglets can stand up to wet weather and hand washing without getting damaged
  • Smart Tag lasts up to 2 months between charges and fully recharges in about an hour
  • Each Taglet's nonrechargeable lithium manganese dioxide battery lasts up to 2 years under normal use

Starter Kit includes 1 Smart Tag, 3 Taglets, Smart Tag charger, 3 Smart Tag adhesive cases, 1 key ring and 3 lanyards

Standard Kit includes 3 Smart Tags, 3 Taglets, Smart Tag charger, 3 Smart Tag adhesive cases, 3 key ring and 3 lanyards

Deluxe Kit includes  5 Smart Tags, 9 Taglets, Smart Tag charger, 5 Smart Tag adhesive cases, 5 key ring and 5 lanyards