FuriousFPV Smart Power Case

Furious FPV Smart Power Case - Delivers Solutions.

Step up to power simplicity with the all-new Furious FPV Smart Power Case - the perfect power solution when it comes to FPV goggle performance.  

Designed to simplify your FPV experience, the Smart Power Case offers the ability to utilize high quality, long duration 18650 cells, making battery changes a breeze and traveling a non-issue when you need batteries the most. And with the ability to quickly swap out cells when needed, there is virtually zero downtime when it comes to FPV fun.

Incorporating a feature reach, OLED display that provides battery status, voltage, current, call sign and capacity used, the Furious FPV Smart Power Headset Case is designed for all kinds of goggles.  It incorporates a smart ON/OFF button to turn on and off the goggles so there is no need to hack into the google to mod the power button.

Utilizing a built-in low voltage warning with a configurable voltage option of 3.5V, 3.7V & 4.0V per cell, the Smart Power Case protects your batteries from dying and keeps you flying without worry. You can even charge via the balance jack, making this easy to attach/detach system the ultimate level of flexibility when it comes to true FPV goggle functionality.

Power your goggles the right way via the Furious FPV Smart Power Headset Case - the ultimate solution when it comes to maximizing & simplifying your FPV experience.

Package includes:

- FuriousFPV Smart Power Case

- Adapter cable : Balance to Balance + XT60

- Screws: M1.4x4 / 2 PCs + M1.7x8 / 2 PCs

- Screwdriver / 1PC

- Manual portable

If you are ordering a charging case they are made as ordered. It will arrive between and .

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