Electric scooter grade power calculator

Speed:   MPH
Weight:   Pounds
Grade:   Percent

Required Power: 

  • Speed is the target speed in miles per hour.
  • Weight is total vehicle weight including the rider(s) and cargo.
  • Grade: 0 percent is flat ground and 100 percent is a 45 degree angle. The grade is automatically set to 0 unless another number is entered.

This calculator provides an estimate of how much power it will take to go on flat ground or up a grade at a certain speed. It does and can not estimate all variables such as lower than normal motor and drivetrain efficiency, higher than normal rolling resistance, and head or tail winds. This calculators mathematical formula is based on real world road testing of electric scooters and bikes. It calculates the user inputs with gravity, rolling resistance, and drag (air resistance) to obtain the Required Power result. 


Electric motors produce a high amount of torque under load so for example an electric scooter, bike, or go kart with a 500 Watt motor and one rider could be geared to go 15 MPH on flat ground and with the same gearing it would be able to go up a 10 Degrees Grade at 7 MPH.


Use this calculator to figure out what size motor for a scooter that is needed on flat ground with some grades up to 10 Degrees we recommend entering the desired top speed of the vehicle, estimated weight of vehicle including the rider(s), and a Grade of 3 Degrees. With this formula the top speed when going up a 10 Degree Grade will be around half of what it is when traveling on flat ground.


This calculator is designed for brushed motors. Calculations for brushless motors will be around 10% more efficient than the results that are shown. Check out the Gaterbx Firefly Its stats are amazing and should help you get where you want to go.