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Christian “Fez” Alvarado Bio

Drone Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, Systems Engineer (1994-)


Christian Alvarado Colón, an FPV Enthusiast and Remote Aircraft pilot that also designs Military Aircraft Systems and flies with GaterBx as a Team Pilot.

What Is A Fez?

This dude took a boat from the Island of Enchantment known as Puerto Rico and landed in Iowa. Back in the day, he used to study 4 hours per day on his mad guitar skills while becoming a Second Lieutenant for the Air Force Auxiliary. Once in Iowa, his love for aircraft grew while getting his Aerospace Engineering Degree at Iowa State University with a specialty in Spacecraft Systems. After a few, for some reason he decides to stay in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to work for Collins Aerospace designing Aviation Electronics Systems for Anti-Submarine Warfare Airplanes like the P-3C Orion.

Why Does A Fez Fly?

While learning how to fly General Aviation Aircraft & Remote Controlled Airplanes, he decides to learn how to fly quadcopters. So getting a Tiny Whoop was a big step towards becoming confident with on the spot decision making and “quick finger” muscle  reactions, something that comes with tons of crashing, frustrations, slimming of pockets, and ultimately persistence. Then joining the local club and participating in drone races, obtaining podiums in almost every attended race. FPV grew greatly in a year and this time he is ready to show people what precision, accuracy, and persistence is capable of letting anybody do.

Why Is Fez Talking About Himself?

You got me… I am trying to show the FPV community that all backgrounds are welcomed to the hobby and sport. The only way you can get through it is by getting out and flying a bunch. Finding out about local clubs and following frequent users in the sport will allow you to get insight into how to design, build, and fly like a pro.