Lipo Charger Quadcopter charging power supply 12v 80amp 1100 watt

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Built with a high quality server power supply, this 12v power supply is rated for 1100 watts or 80 amps at 12 volts.  It provides two - 4mm output pairs which are standard for chargers.  
Each power supply is tested at 60 amps to make sure they can maintain 12v for 10 minutes.
These power supplies can not be ran in series in order to generate higher voltages.
Includes US standard power cord
Charger shown in picture not included
To power on: Plug in ac plug and your accessory. Once light turns orange on the back toggle switch on the side to change light  to green. Your power converter is now active. Enjoy! 
dimensions: 10x3x2
comes with balance battery checker on the unit
When ordering please note color that you want me to wrap it in 

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