Lipo Battery Charging Storage Bluetooth, speaker, USB, LED's

Internal Color
Carbon Fiber

50 Cal Ammo can with two 4ohm 3watt speakers. Has Bluetooth capabilities and can hold all your RC batteries. USB charging provided from one of your xt60 3s-6s batteries. LED display shows the amount of charge remaining on the battery. Padded bottom to protect those expensive batteries. Now better then ever. I have changed the position of the panel so that you can put more batteries in it and it also has LED color changing lights on the bottom.

Same great price and more features. What more could you ask for!!!!

Put your ISDT Q6 and Battery checker and your ready for a day at the races. 


  • 2 3watt speakers
  • Ammo can
  • Battery checker
  • bluetooth 
  • USB with battery indicator
  • Switch

*****ISDT Q6, Parallel charger, batteries and FPV monitor not included******