BrotherHobby Land Snail Electric 750W x2 Skateboard

*The target date for all Land Snail  Pre-Orders to be shipped out is April 2020*


BrotherHobbies newest offering.

This skateboard offers precise driving with little vibration and noise. Professionally damping system with tension suspension and 50A rubber tires filtering. Stable structure shaped PU make sure the contact area when turning is constant and linear, steering feedback is accurate. A alloy steel shaft with .001 mm tolerance, heat treated, abrasion resistant corrosion stability. NSK waterproof bearing, which are dedicated for heavy load motors and maintenance free for a lifetime of use. Quick wheel replacement design and fast drainage for water which is IP55 rated. UL approved charges that charge within 1.3 hours and can handle loads up to 507lb.


  • Top Speed: (29.8 mph)
  • Battery Range: (18.64 miles)
  • Max Load: (507 lb)
  • Grade Climbing: 30%
  • Board Weight: (16 lb)
  • Torque: 4.8NmX2
  • Rated Motor Power: 750W*2
  • Water resistance:  IP55
  • Deck:  One piece carbon fiber
  • TRUCKS:  Tension Suspension (45°Non-independent leaf spring)
  • Wheel Material:  Natural rubber,wet and dry use
  • Board Battery:  Samsung lithium-ion Rechargeable battery
  • Battery Voltage:  44.4V
  • Battery Capcity:  222wh
  • Battery Charge Time: 1.3H
  • Board Size:  930 mm*298 mm*136 mm(36.6*11.7*5.4 inch)
  • Ground Clearance: 108 mm / 4.25 inches


  1. One piece carbon fiber, max load is 230KG.
  2. Sport and silent rubber wheel, drainage fast and prevent skidding
  3. Original imported battery with depth customized BMS with 6 protect functions to ensure the safe using.
  4. CNC Trucks, 0.01mm tolerance, accurate without any play.
  5. NSK waterproof bearings, which are dedicated for heavy load motor and maintenance-free for its lifetime.
  6. Professionally damping system designed for the common load use, with tension suspension and 50A rubber tires filtering the vibration to protect the feet not be benumbed.

    (Riding in different conditions and different roads)

The Land Snail 930 earns bragging rights to being the fastest electric skateboard of its kind with a top speed of 29.8mph and a battery range of more than 18 miles*. Able to carry over 500lbs of weight, this 16lb carbon fiber deck beast will be nothing short of breathtaking when you take it for a spin.

Featuring a Samsung Lithium-Ion rechargeable 44.4v battery and a quick charge time of only 80min to full capacity, your down time will give you just enough rest to catch your breath before you hit the road and let the natural rubber wheels and leaf-spring tension suspension, take you through wet and dry terrain and beyond.