Carson Optical MicroMini™ 20x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope - Choose your color


The MicroMini 20x LED Lighted Pocket Microscope from Carson is a powerful 20x LED- and UV-lighted pocket microscope that comes included with a keychain attachment. This field microscope is extremely lightweight, compact and portable. The MicroMini field microscope also contains a built-in, stand alone UV and LED flashlight. There is also an additional built-in LED light to illuminate your subject matter under the microscope lens. The extremely smooth focusing wheel allows for fine adjustment tuning in almost any condition. The MicroMini is a great educational microscope that can be used for a variety of hobbies, tasks, learning and exploration. The powerful 20x magnification is great for examining plant/blood cells, printing pixels, fabrics, hair follicles and anything else that nature has to offer. Use the stand alone UV flashlight for detecting counterfeit currency, nectar mapping and so much more! This Orange pocket microscope is ideal for multiple age groups ranging anywhere from a young child explorer, middle/high school student to your everyday professional.

  • 20x magnification
  • Lightweight, portable & compact design
  • Field microscope with built-in stand alone UV & LED flashlight
  • Built-in LED for use with microscope
  • Smooth focusing knob for precision in viewing finest details
  • Includes 3 LR43 button-cell batteries


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