FuriousFPV RACEPIT Flight Controller

Introducing our new RACEPIT Flight Controller!

Enjoy the following Specs and Features:

  • STM32F405 Main Chip
  • MPU6000 Gyroscope
  • Built in connector for 4in1 ESC as well as solder pads
  • Built in power switch for VTX, support 5v and VBAT
  • Built in camera switcher
  • Built in 16MB Blackbox Flash
  • Full 6 UARTS for simultaneous connections of Runcam device, GPS, CRSF, RX, Bluetooth and others.
  • Work with 5v or Vbat input
  • High Quality 5v 2A BEC  with 2s-6s Voltage input Range
  • Built in inverter for SBUS and S.PORT
  • Integrated silicone Dampers for maximum FC functionality

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