Gaterbx Firefly Dual Motor/Suspension 60V 3000W Foldable Electric Scooter

***Due to the corona virus these are backorder for 30days***


This wonderful scooter has dual motors, dual suspension, dual controllers, and dual batteries. This means there is twice the fun on the road, and you can be safe and comfortable at the same time. This scooter has a folding function and is small enough that it can be placed in the trunk of your car. Since you are buying from an American dealer each scooter is placed through a quality control process and you can feel confident that you get what you pay for and it will be a safe ride right out of the box!

Product Main Features

1) Portable design 

2) A Firefly full metal rear fender with firefly grip tape "design will vary" which Helps provide stability when the accelerating.

3) Full aluminum alloy body

4) Lightweight but strong construction

5) Comfortable riding and easy operating

6) Front and rear swing arm suspension, very strong, max load is 330 lbs.

7) Front and rear brake system

8) Dual motor and high capacity battery

9) 60V, 20.8ah Chinese/LG battery. Max range is 31-37 Miles

10) Remote Controller and Anti Theft Function
        - A smart alarm that automatically recognizes vibration frequency.
        - Remote arming/disarming, remote transmitters.
        - Resistance to high pressure and waterproof.
        - Ultralow power consumption without an effect on battery life.             

11) Horn 

  • Max Speed: 27mph-43mph, Three-speed mode (Dependent on weight and terrane.)
  • Max Range: 31-37 Miles (Dependent on riding style and terrane)
  • Max Load: 330 lbs
  • Motor: 3000W dual brushless hub motors Max 3600W
  • Max Climb: 45 Degrees
  • Battery: 52V/60V 20.8AH Li-ion Battery
  • Charging time: 7-8 h
    (4-5 h for Dual Charging)
  • Wheel size: 10" tire Off-Road Vacuum
  • Display: Black White large LCD 
  • N.W: 66lbs
  • Packing Size: 47*12*24 inches
  • Product Size: 46*12*22 inches
  • Accessories: Dual Power adapters, two remote controllers with alarm 

12) Added bonus: We have noticed that it is hard to fill the air in the tires, due to how close the valve is to the motor so we will include a 90-degree extender.

Optional Accessories: Rear box , Seat, Accessories mount


Service and limited warranty section 

  • Battery 6 months 
  • Motors 6 months  
  • Controller 12 months
  • Charger 12 months
  • Handlebars 12 months
  • Remote 12 months
  • Frame  6 months

(Exceptions that are covered including but not limited to the following situations. Water damage, customer modification to items, severe damage due to accidents)

That being said we will do our best to make everything right. We know that your scooter is a big investment and having you scooter down sux that is why we will do everything we can to get it back on the road.

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