IWalk Scorpion Air Wireless Power Bank (Black)

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The iWalk Scorpion Air Wireless Power Bank is a 8,000 mAh. portable rechargeable battery. It contains built in Type C, Micro USB with Lightning adapter and recharge cables. This black Scorpion Air power bank is also able to charge your device wirelessly. Scorpion Air has an additional 2 inputs. This allows you to recharge Scorpion Air 3 different ways! While your electronics are charging, you won't have to worry about overcurrent, overcharging or short circuiting. The Scorpion Air will safely charge your devices. Stay powered up, no matter what the device, with Scorpion Air!

  • 8,000mAh Li-Poly rechargeable battery
  • Supports all kinds of 5W wireless charging
  • Wireless charging output
  • Built-in micro USB cable with Lightning® connector, USB-C™ cable & recharging cable
  • Pass-through charging
  • Ability to charge multiple devices simultaneously without removing phone cases
  • Slim & lightweight
  • Black