PULSE 1550 mAh 4S 15.2V 100C - HV LiPo w/ Removable Balance Wires

Pulse Ultra 100C LiHV w/ Removable Balance Tab - Insane Power Awaits.

Enter the most powerful LiPo batteries Pulse Ultra has ever produced and take your FPV speed to unworldly dimensions with 100C discharge rates and true HV power. 

When it comes to power, Pulse Ultra delivers the most potent packs to date, taking full advantage of the LiHV rage. Capable of charging up to 4.35V per cell with a mind bending 100C discharge rate, these packs push your FPV to the ragged edge and beyond for the ultimate in FPV insanity.

Sick of destroying your balance tab in flight? We have you covered with a removable balance tab option, allowing an even tighter & more compact fit, sparing your balance tab from a prop strike, and sparing your battery from unnecessary damage.

Designed to provide intense levels of speed and power with less voltage sag and more power to the prop, the all new Pulse Ultra HV Extreme Series is ready to meet your most demanding needs with power to spare.

Enter the fray with the insane power via Pulse - the very best in LiPo technology today.

100C LiHV Features:

- 4.35V Per Cell Charging
- Less Voltage Sag
- Extended Flight Time
- Greater Power Levels
- Reduced Pack Temperatures
- Increased Prop R.P.M.

Pulse Ultra LiPo Features:

- (90) Day Manufacturer Warranty
- 5C Charge Rates for Ultra Fast Charging
- Large AWG Wires for Maximum Levels of Discharge
- Ultra Long Cycle Life
- Industry Standard JST-XH Balance Taps
- Ultra Light, Ultra Powerful


Voltage: 15.2
Cell Count: 4S
Capacity: 1550mAh
Discharge Rate: 100C
Charge Rate: 5C
Dimensions: 75mm x 36mm x 38mm (+/- 4mm) (L x W x H)
Weight: 187g (+/- 10g)

Caution - Read Before Use!

Pulse Ultra LiHV batteries REQUIRE a dedicated LiPo charger that is able to charge LiHV LiPo batteries. Before purchase or use, be sure to verify your LiPo battery charger is rated to charge LiHV batteries, as not all LiPo chargers are able to charge LiHV LiPo batteries. Relating to non LiHV Pulse batteries, NEVER charge a non specified / rated LiPo battery past 4.20V per cell - doing so can result in battery / charger damage and fire.

Regarding the safe usage of all Pulse Ultra batteries, please be sure to read & abide by all safety information included with the battery, and be sure to follow all safety rules relating to the LiPo charger in use. Pulse Ultra does not recommend charging any LiPo based batteries indoors. All Pulse Ultra batteries should be charged outside and away from any & all combustible material.