PULSE 450 mAh 2S 7.4V 75C - FPV Racing series for BetaFPV 75X

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Pulse Ultra Long Pack

Enter the all new Pulse Ultra Long Pack - the very latest in innovation, pack layout and undeniable speed.

With the all new Long Pack design, Pulse Ultra has redefined FPV specific LiPo technology, offering an ultra compact layout for all manners of FPV racers. This design allows all new mounting options and better CG - all with a better fit & aesthetic to your machine.

With a key focus on aerodynamics, the Long Pack has a reduced surface area for high speed flight, offering the ultimate in FPV speed. Add in the 75C discharge rate, the Pulse Ultra Cube has amperage to spare when you need it the very most.

Simple, functional and ready to rock - step up to the Cube and push your quad like never before!

- Insane 75C Discharge Rate
- Dedicated High Performance FPV Racing Pack
- Industry Known Performance
- Full (90) Day Warranty Period
- 5C Charge Rates for Ultra fast Charge Times
- Pre-Soldered XT30 Connectors
- Light Weight & Low Cost 
- Pulse Ultra Quality & Performance
- Extended Cycle Life Operation


Capacity: 450mAh

Configuration: 2S1P / 7.4V / 2 Cells

Discharge Rate: 75C

Max Burst Discharge: 150C

Net Weight: 29g

Dimensions: 63 x 16 x 14mm

Balance Lead: JST-XH

Power Lead: XT30

Application: Fits BetaFPV 75X