PULSE NEO 1350mAh 4S 14.8V 100C - FPV Racing / Extreme Series - LiPo Battery

Pulse Ultra 100C EXTREME FPV LiPo Packs - Maximum FPV Performance Awaits. Enter the most powerful LiPo batteries Pulse Ultra has ever produced and take your FPV speed to unworldly dimensions with 100C discharge rates for maximum levels of FPV power! When it comes to power, Pulse Ultra delivers the most potent packs to date, taking full advantage of 100C discharge rates for insane FPV performance. Designed specifically for the most demanding of FPV pilots today, the 100C discharge rate offers maximum amperage without sag, offering intense levels of power when needed the most. Enter the fray with insane power via Pulse - the very best in LiPo technology today. 100C Features: - Intense Levels of Power - Less Voltage Sag - Reduced Pack Temperatures - Increased Prop R.P.M. - Longer Cycle Life - Cooler Pack Temperatures Pulse Ultra LiPo

Features: - (90) Day Manufacturer Warranty - 5C Charge Rates for Ultra Fast Charging - Large AWG Wires for Maximum Levels of Discharge - Ultra Long Cycle Life - Industry Standard JST-XH Balance Taps - Ultra Light, Ultra Powerful

Specifications: Voltage: 6S 22.2V Cell Count: 6 Capacity: 1350mAh Discharge Rate: 100C Charge Rate: 5C Dimensions: 74mm x 36mm x 31mm (L x W x H) Weight: 155g