SAB Goblin Fireball - Havok Edition (Motor, ESC & Servos Included)

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SAB Goblin Fireball 280 Competition - Havok Edition.

Step up to the insane Havok Edition of the Goblin Fireball 280 Competition, featuring the awesome Antarctic Edition "Havok" livery that will stand out on the flight line and in the skies above.

Featuring a matte black main & tail rotor system, the Fireball 280 Competition Havok Edition has been designed for brutal 3D heli performance, with a high power, light weight setup to push the boundaries of RC heli flight. Incorporating carbon fiber components with an ultra aerodynamic design, the Havok 280 is lean and mean, with incredible precision and control to be unleashed in the skies above.

Designed with a massively simplified, low parts count design, SAB takes the Fireball 280 to unworldly levels when it comes to the parts required to complete this machine. Featuring a centralized brushless outrunner motor that drives the belt directly, setup of this aircraft is brilliantly simple, and crash parts are few to be seen. 

Value packed with included competition brushless motor, high output 60A ESC, and SAB cyclic & rudder servos, the Havok 280 has been designed to be pushed hard, low and fast. Featuring a carbon fiber reinforced boom and fiberglass canopy, the Havok 280 is a belt driven beast with an ultra low parts count design that is ready for max 3D flight. Further this with an improved main & tail rotor system for increased control and precision, SAB takes the Fireball 280 kit to the next level, offering insane capability with this ultra compact machine.

Step up to the Competition Edition paired with the awesome Antarctic Edition "Havok" livery for the best SAB Goblin Fireball 280 and get ready for maximum 3D performance! 


Insane "Havok Edition" SAB Antarctic Color Scheme
Stealthy Matte Black Main & Tail Rotor System
High Precision Main & Tail Rotor System
Ultra Low Parts Count Design
Feather Light Fiberglass Canopy
High Strength Carbon Reinforced Tail Boom
Intense 3D Capability
Brutal Belt Drive Durability


Main Rotor Blades: 280mm
Tail Rotor Blades: 50mm
Main Rotor Diameter: 626mm
Tail Rotor Diameter: 139mm
Main Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Tail Shaft Diameter: 3mm
Weight: 735g (Battery Excluded)


(1) SAB Goblin Fireball 280 Competition Havok Edition Helicopter Kit
(1) Main & Tail Rotor Blade Set
(1) HE015-S Competition Brushless Motor
(1) 60A Brushless ESC
(3) SAB Cyclic Servos
(1) SAB Rudder Servo

Required for Flight:

(1) Flybarless Controller
(1) Transmitter
(1) Receiver
(1) 6S LiPo Battery (1000mAh / 1250mAh)

Electronic Recommendations:

Flybarless Controller
LiPo Battery


Registered design 003738210-0001/0004

General Specifications:
  • Includes 60A SAB ESC 
    SAB competition Motor HE015
    Red Aluminium blade grip arms 
    Red Aluminium tail pitch slider
    Red tail baldes 
    Red Lighter FG canopy with carbon look
    Red Carbon boom
    Includes 60A SAB ESC 
  • Includes 4 servos
  • Motor Competition HE015
  • Red Aluminium Blade Grip Arms 
  • Red Aluminium Bell Crank
  • Red Aluminium Servo Support
  • Yellow Havok Lighter FG canopy
  • Yellow Havok Carbon-reinforced boom

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