ScooterX Skateboard 49cc Black

Introducing the 49cc ScooterX Skateboard, better known as the SkaterX. With top speeds of 25 mph, there is no reason to ever push by foot again. The deck is made of wood (bamboo) which also acts as suspension and now fully covered in grip tape. This skateboard comes stock with a centrifugal clutch (automatic), hand held throttle and brake, pull start and dual sport tires(on road/off road). This skateboard is great for kids and adults. Ride at your own risk and always wear protective gear.


Motor: 49cc 2-stroke
Brakes: Rear Band, Hand Operated
Throttle: Handheld Trigger
Speed: up to 25 mph*
Tires: 9 x 3.5 inch pneumatic
Skateboard Weight: 50 lbs  
Riding Capacity: up to 200 lbs  
Tank Size: 1 liter 25:1 Gas Oil Mixture
Range: 25 miles per tank
Box Demensions: (Box1) 19x21x23 Inches   (Box2) 12x40x3 Inches
Box Weight: (Box1) 50LBS   (Box2) 6LBS
 Rider Stance: Goofy or Regular
Warranty: 30 days parts replacement

Note*** Board comes drilled for regular foot riders, If you ride goofy foot, you must drill new holes to move foot bars.

No California or Canada Sales

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