Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X for PlayStation®3/PC

Take to the virtual skies with the Thrustmaster T-Flight Stick X for PlayStation 3/PC, which grants you the precision and design you are looking for. Compatible with the PS3 and PC, the flight stick has fully programmable 12 buttons and 4 axes. This, along with adjustable resistance control, allows you to customize your flight. The internal memory stores all programmed configuration, so everyday setup is easy.

  • Wide handrest for ideal comfort
  • Fully programmable 12 buttons and 4 axis
  • Does not include games exclusively controlled by the motion-sensor function
  • Precise joystick with adjustable resistance control
  • Mapping button allows users to instantly relocate functions from 1 button to another
  • Rotating handle with built-in locking system
  • Internal memory stores all programmed configurations
  • Airbrake (civilian flight) or rapid-fire (military flight) trigger with multidirectional hat (panoramic view)
  • Compatible with PS3™ and PC

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