Vmar Firelli DO 27 EP 42.5 Wingspan (ARF) Plane Kit

Dorniers facilities in Spain designed the Do 25, to a Spanish military requirement for a light utility aircraft, as a precursor to the production Do 27. Powered by a single 110 kilowatts (150 hp) ENMA Tigre G.V engine, the Do 25 was not selected for production.

The Do 27 seated four to six and the original prototype first flew in Spain on 27 June 1955.[1] Most production aircraft were built in Germany, the first German built aircraft taking flight on 17 October 1956, 50 more were manufactured in Spain by Construcciones Aeronáuticas SA as the CASA-127.

The German Air Force and German Army ordered a total of 428 of the Do 27A and Do 27B (with dual controls).[2]

A later version with the same basic specifications but equipped with wider track landing gear was known as the Do 27Q-5. The aircraft was offered as a twin-float seaplane, the Do 27S-1, and with a larger engine (254 kW/340 hp Lycoming GSO-480-B1B6) and a three-blade propeller as the Do 27H-2.

In addition to the military operators in Germany and Spain, Portugal received 40 ew build and 106 ex-German aircraft. The Portuguese Air Force used these extensively in the colonial war in Portuguese Africa during the 1960s-70s. In the Portuguese Guinea, in April 1973, two Do 27s were shot down by SAM-7 Grail shoulder-launched AAMs.[3]

The Do 27 was notable for being the first mass-produced aircraft in Germany after World War II. It was appreciated for its relatively wide, comfortable cabin and excellent short-field performance.

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  • Tested for durability.
  • Pre-covered in printed film POLYCOTE with a vivid color scheme.
Products specifications
Wingspan 42-1/2 in (1100mm)
WingArea 290 Sq.in( 19 Sq.dm)
Length 32-2/3 in (830 mm)
Weight 23-25 oz (650-700 gr )
Engine 061-12 2cycle
Electric 100-250w bruchless motor
Radio 4 channel , 4 micro servos (electric ) 
4 channel , 5 micro servo ( glow )