VMAR V-Stick 46 inches PnP Electric Plane Kit

Vmar first Plug N Play (PNP) model, Vstick 1300mm PNP.    With 2 in 1 trainer system and no extra accessories cost, you can go traight from learning to fly from high wing to low wings, to learn earobatic.

Convertable from high to low wings
Pre-Install: Motor, ESC, Wired and Servos
Construction: Balsa and ply
Wing: Two-piece
Aileron Control: Dual servos
Wheels: (50mm) tailwheel
Covering: Polycote ECS
Motor Mount: Power Module
Build Time: 10-30 mintues
Warranty: trial fit at the factory make sure this kit to be free from defects in bother material and workmanship at the date of purchase.   This warranty does not cover any component parts damaged by use or modification.



Wingspan 1198mm (46.5")
Length 860mm (34")
WingArea 22.7 Sq. dm (322 Sq. Inch)
Weight 850 - 950g (1.9-2.1lbs)
Brushless Motor 350-500 Watt
Radio 4 channels, 4 micro servor



Vmar V-Stick 1300mm PNP
Landing Gear Wheels and Instruction Manual


LiPo Battery: 3-4 cells 2000-3000mAh 
Propeller: 10*6